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Tuition increase of $10 per credit considered for next school year

Jesse Proctor / Mainstream

The college is looking to potentially increase tuition by $10 per credit starting at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year.

Multiple open forums, specifically for students and those paying tuition fees, will be held to provide students an opportunity to talk with the UCC Executive Cabinet and voice their opinions on a possible $10 per credit increase. The forums are scheduled Feb. 13 in Center Stage from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. and Feb. 15 in Jacoby Lobby from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

According to UCC department budget meetings, the push to increase tuition comes partially from a lower enrollment rate and partially from an increase in monies needed to fulfill contracted retirement payments. The 2012-13 enrollment rate is down 24% and expected to stay flat through next year. The college must pay an additional $800,000 next year due partially to an unfunded liability with PERS.

“PERS finished 2011 with $54.7 billion in assets. That sum covers 73 percent of its liabilities, down from 78 percent at the end of the previous year due to poor investment returns,” stated The Oregonian.

On top of this, a 10 percent cut to all non-staff expense budgets will likely happen next year.

Current tuition for this school year is $75 per credit. Students taking a 12 credit load winter term pay approximately $900. A $10 per credit increase would raise 12 credits to over $1000, not including books and fees.

Many students were concerned with the possible tuition increase. “No! I don’t want it to go up,” said Jorge Nadar, an aspiring bio-chemist.

The money would be partially used to pay retirement funds, which are legally contracted by the state.

“I do not like the hike in tuition fees, although it is understandable in some cases. It would really depend on what the money is going towards,” said Steve Eichhorn, a pre-paramedic student.

Community College Charge Per Credit Hour Charge per 15 Credits Quarterly Fees
Blue Mountain $85.00 $1,275 $100.50
Central $82.00 $1,230 $96.00
Chemeketa $80.00 $1,200 $150.00
Clackamas $79.00 $1,185 $117.50
Clatsop $94.00 $1,410 $161.00
Columbia Gorge $89.00 $1,335 $180.00
Klamath $83.00 $1,245 $185.00
Lane $90.00 $1,350 $169.90
Linn-Benton $90.99 $1,364.85 $75.15
Mt. Hood $89.00 $1,335 $191.25
Oregon Coast $99.00 $1,485 $105.00
Portland $82.00 $1,230 $112.00
Rogue $87.00 $1,305 $195.00
Southwestern $82.00 $1,230 $438.00
Tillamook Bay $85.00 $1,275 $165.00
Treasure Valley $89.00 $1,335 $240.00
Umpqua $75.00 $1,125 $162.50
Statewide Average $85.94 $1,289.11 $167.28
Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Developement
Comparison of community college tuition and fees by school.


Sam Bixby, another UCC student, said that a $120 increase for students is a considerable amount but not outrageous. She discussed the higher rate of tuition at universities around the state, where tuition is much higher than $85 per credit. University of Oregon charges $167 per credit and Oregon State is $185 per credit. “Compared to a university, it wouldn’t be that bad,” she said.

Liz Schroeder, currently working on her AAOT, said, “That’s a lot of money I’d be forking out. That’s nuts! Books are already really expensive, and they are going to jack up the cost per credit as well?!” Liz also complained that the tuition would make her feel anxious and noted that she would have to work more hours.

Some students were really surprised to hear about the potential tuition hike and were unaware of the reason behind it.

“Is that really what they are trying to do?” asked Asia Smith, a California basketball recruit. “You can count me out because it’s pointless. I don’t understand why they would do that. That would make it even harder for single parents going to school.”