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Journalism students honored

It is my privilege as editor to announce that three of your local college newspaper reporters have been recognized nationally for stories published in The Mainstream. This is a huge honor in the realm of media reporting and should not be taken lightly.

Don Gilman, a passionate senior reporter, wrote a three part article about earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest. His article was chosen for publication on the Southern California Earthquake Center’s website, sponsored by the U.S. Geology Service, FEMA, Earthquake Country Alliance, and the National Science Foundation.

Cindy McSperrit, also a senior reporter and student at UCC, covered a story about a campus-wide initiative called Achieving the Dream. ATD is currently being implemented at UCC to identify and address obstacles to student success. This article was chosen to be published through Lumina’s network. Lumina, the top U.S. foundation dealing with college student success, has shared the article with colleges and organizations throughout the entire nation.

Courtneé Morin, reporter on The Mainstream staff, wrote an article on Phi Theta Kappa’s Commit to Complete. This article, focusing on helping students to continue their education, was put on the Phi Theta Kappa’s Facebook page.

Also, Susannah Day, The Mainstream’s web editor, has diligently been working on a new layout for The Mainstream’s website. Approximately 75 hours of work have been put into building and programming. On top of being a full time student, working on The Mainstream, and holding a part time job, Susie has gotten very creative in her spare time. The colorful, eye-catching website is not currently up but a notification will go out to all students through Angel when it is unveiled.

Receiving awards such as these is something that can go on résumés, help obtain a job, and simply make a person feel good.