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Movie Review: The Hobbit—First of three in a new Trilogy

The Hobbit
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If you enjoy watching movies with beautiful locations, interesting characters, action, adventure, a bit of fantasy and humor, and you haven’t seen The Hobbit yet, close this review and go watch it.

If you liked Peter Jackson’s take on The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit is more of the same.  The original cast is back, with the exception of Bilbo who is now played exceptionally well by Martin Freeman (BBC “Sherlock Holmes”).

The movie portrays moments of pure beauty, moments where diehard fans of the book will just have to shake their heads and move on, and most of all, a moving story of friendship and courage.

I was first introduced to The Hobbit when my father read it to my brother and me as children.  To say that I am a fan of Tolkien’s works would be a massive understatement.  I’ve even read the Silmarillion on purpose, more than once.

I was a bit nervous before watching the movie, wondering what had been changed or discarded.  After seeing the movie, however, I wanted to go right back in to watch it again.  It was entertaining, funny and of course the Weta Workshop has outdone themselves with the props, settings and digital effects.

The ultimate plan is to create three movies.  The first two movies are the original story of “The Hobbit” split in half. “An Unexpected Journey” tells the story of Bilbo’s encounter with the dwarves and their trip across Middle-earth, through Rivendell, under the Misty Mountains and, with help from the eagles and to the Carrock where they catch their first glimpse of the Lonely Mountain. This is where we leave them until next year when they will continue their journey in the second movie, titled “The Desolation of Smaug.”

The third movie will act as a bridge between Bilbo’s little adventure and the beginning of The Lord of the Rings.  The transformation of Middle-earth, from the whimsical world of “The Hobbit” to the desperate circumstances of The Lord of the Rings is a story that has never been fully explored.  Some of these untold stories include Gollum’s search for the Ring, the Ranger’s increased protection of the Shire, Aragorn’s early life and the rise of Sauron in Mordor. 

Whether the next two movies will live up to the rest of Jackson’s Middle-earth is hard to say

Regardless, I am certain to head off to the theater come next December in order to find out.  After all, what’s life without sometimes venturing off into the unknown?