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“A Collectively Authored City” showcases faculty art

Guests examined Renee Couture’s designs during the art gallery reception.
Jesse Proctor / Mainstream
Guests examined Renee Couture’s designs during the art gallery reception.

The art gallery at Umpqua Community College is currently hosting an exhibit of art pieces by faculty members. The exhibit, entitled “A Collectively Authored City,” includes pieces by Renee Couture, Ted Isto, Sandee McGee, Greg Price and Susan Rochester.

The Whipple Gallery displays an exhibit featuring faculty art each year. Each faculty member was asked to submit five of their personal pieces for consideration.

  • Dennis Wahlman / Mainstream
    “Can’t teach an old log new tricks” is by Greg Price.
  • Dennis Wahlman / Mainstream
    By Sandee McGee
  • Dennis Wahlman / Mainstream
    Ted Isto’s ceramic sculptures are made from a special glaze containing "Pixie Dust."

 Although the exhibit doesn’t have a set theme, Fine Arts Director Susan Rochester believes a “cross-pollination” of ideas sometimes occurs between the artists’ work, as they often discuss pieces they are working on. The exhibit does feel collectively authored with each artist adding their own style and variation to a larger idea.

The art displayed includes photography, sculptures, mixed media and ceramics. The variety  and uniqueness of style challenges viewers to break the boundaries of imagination and think about what they are viewing, rather than just looking.

A reception for the artists is being held Thursday, Jan. 31, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The reception is open to the public and the gallery does not charge for admission. The artists whose work is being exhibited will be in attendance.

The faculty exhibit is one of six exhibits displayed in the Whipple Fine Arts Gallery each year. This particular exhibit will be displayed through Feb. 7. Previous exhibits have also displayed art created by UCC students.