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Survey finds Valentine experiences more memorable than gifts

Art by Jessica Mixen / Mainstream

Valentine’s Day strikes again soon, so we surveyed some UCC students to hear their favorite Valentine’s memories and to find out how they plan to celebrate.

Sarah Harmon is planning a hike to the top of a mountain with her date and will “bring some cheese and wine,” following up last year’s holiday hike to a waterfall picnic.

Sabrina Demers plans on waking up her husband and children with breakfast in bed and writing a letter for each of them about “why I love them.” She will leave the letters on their pillows. 

One of Alyson A.’s favorite memories is when she went on a “treasure hunt.”  She discovered a carved box provided by her boyfriend containing 31 strips of paper, one for each day of the month. Written on the paper strips were compliments, funny things they’ve laughed about and fond memories they shared. The idea was that she would pull her “treasure” out and read it each day.

Several other students said they don’t get enough time to spend together and will focus on that for Valentine’s Day.

During a busy school term, a token of togetherness could be:  movie gift certificates, DVD’s, or a coupon for a future date at “your place.”

Unique, Personal V-Day Ideas

Notions for the Nature Nut

Draw, stencil or write a beloved’s name and decorate it, especially if it’s a non-traditional name. Chris G. once used pine cones to spell out his wife’s unique name, “Jocelyn”.  He then took a picture and had it printed and framed for her.

Internet to the Rescue

The internet is the fastest way to get distinctive last-minute gifts.  Adored by animal lovers,  the National Wildlife Federation, (www.nwf.org) allows you to symbolically adopt endangered animals for a donation of $30, $50, or $75. Every donation includes a plush animal, adoption certificate, and screen saver.

Mix It Up

A UCC biology lab student is going DJ for V-Day. She‘s planning to burn a mixed cd for Valentine’s Day to honor her loved one.

A Repair with Flair

Take the broken or lost trinkets from the jewelry graveyard on your sweetheart’s dresser and fix them.  Replace batteries in watches, chains for favorite charms, and fix hooks and backings for earrings purchased inexpensively from Claire’s.

Reach for the Stars

Star seekers may delight in their own personalized celestial body. Websites allow you to name a star for your love, or buy a gift certificate so they can name the star, starting at about $29.99.  This comes with a certificate you can print out on-the-spot.

Baker’s Lovin’

A gastronomic gift on the quick can be making a much loved meal or fixing up a sweet treat to show you care. Whether making or buying a gift or experience for Valentine’s Day, students are making memories that will endure.