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Resources page new to The Mainstream website

The Mainstream website now has a Resource tab to offer students helpful college information.
The Mainstream website now has a Resource tab to offer students helpful college information.

College is usually a time of life that is full of exciting new experiences. However, not all those experiences turn out to be the best.

The Mainstream website is on a mission to fix that problem.

The vision of the Mainstream staff was to publish tips from fellow students that are accessible 24/7 on the student newspaper website to help students find answers to common college problems.

The vision became reality this month with a new Resources tab available at mainstreamonline. Under this tab are pages with a plethora of useful information helping with academics, work study, campus life, and financial aid.

The information was obtained from interviews of current students who shared what they wished they would have known when they enrolled.

The academics section offers advice such as what to expect in class, transitions to make transferring easier and tips for test taking.

The work study section explains the process of time cards and paychecks.

Campus life is a large section covering everything from parking permits to child care to campus clubs and much more.

The financial aid section is brief but helpful in that it gives tidbits on ways to save money.

The tab is easily found at the top of The Mainstream web page. It can also be accessed from any page on the site.

In the margin of the page is also a list of useful links. Clicking on a link will direct the reader to the link’s home page for more information. The UCC Library, Campus Map and SmartThinking Online Tutoring links may be of interest to students who are new to the college as well as returning students. Other links are also available.

The Mainstream staff would like to see the page grow continually. Students are encouraged to share information that they have found helpful to them or may be helpful to others. Suggestions can be directed to uccmainstream@yahoo.com.