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Flash Fiction February: First Place Story

Flash Fiction February

And the winner is ...

First Place

Teenage Zombie Story

Most of the time, being a zombie is wicked awesome.  I don’t need to worry about zits because I don’t have much of a face left. I wear the same jeans and my fave t-shirt - the one that says “I mustache you a question” - that I had on when I was changed.  The lurching walk is pretty cool when I do it to a hip hop beat.

But there are a few drawbacks to zombieism.  Like I never know which of my parts might be falling off next.   And at fifteen, some of them were just beginning to be useful!  Taking a bath can cause total trauma. And dude, I really could kill for a slice of Guido’s white pizza.  Seriously, I did kill that goofy delivery boy but that was when I still thought I could eat pizza.  No such luck; it just oozes through the hole in my belly.

It’s all the mean girl, Jenna’s, fault. I was so into her and I thought it was rad when she asked me to help her study. I guess I should have thought more about it because, seriously, why would a popular girl want to have anything to with a dork like me?  I mean I barely passed frosh English last semester and she wanted my help with her creative writing class?  But hey any chance to improve my street cred works for me.

Soon after I showed up at her house she was sitting next to me on the sofa. She kept moving closer with this goofy look in her eyes. Then I didn’t know it was just her zombie soul shining through – I thought she was in some state of girl passion.  She leaned in and I couldn’t believe my luck that this hot girl wanted to suck face!  Actually she did kiss me for like one second before she started eating my face. So here I am a freaking zombie and the girl that did it to me still looks better than most live girls.

This flesh craving is sorta gross, you know, with all the slimy guts and stuff.  But it’s also not as awful as you would think.  It a lot better than those tuna casseroles Mom used to make.

And speaking of the fossils, aka the parental units, eating them felt pretty good.  Yep, nothing like coming home to another full length lecture on my lack of personal hygiene and being able to shut Mom up after just a bite or two.   Yeah, Dad, I will mow the lawn – right after I’ve finished digesting you!  And my drag of a little brother, yeah, I taught him good. I’d like to see him using my iPad now with no fingers and the lifestyle of the undead.

But Rawlf, my dog, he’s still alive. Of course he is, Dude, he’s my dog!  I wouldn’t think of eating his brains! And I won’t let any other zombie near him.   Ain’t nobody gonna diss my dog, man. I mean, who else will bury my bones?

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