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Poetry Contest Winners

Winners of The Mainstream poetry contest are Samantha Hansen, Teresa Thresher, and Richard Dye. First place winner is Samantha Hansen. Second goes to Teresa Thresher and Richard Dye.

Graphics by Marika Stanko and Jessica Mixen

First Place


I hate people when they get me frustrated,
They do not know how to stop.
That leaves me with a violent way of mind,
No mater how old they are they still leave at a violent rate.
So why do people test your under standing and your limits,
So why don’t they listen to me when I say that I can hurt them,
They don’t want to believe you or me that you would actually,
Would do it until it was too late.
So please listen to me that when I say that I am getting frustrated,
Leave or just stop the thing that I am getting frustrated with,
So I don’t black out and let my eyes changes color,
Don’t let me get that way no matter what on any occasion,
Please get them to stop
Don’t let them get me frustrated than what I already am.

First Place

The Reflection

Dawn, Daylight, Dusk and Dark
With new life there comes a spark.
As years pass, like grass, in seasons way
It seem as if it was only a day.
Dawn, Daylight, Dusk and Dark,
We let them pass without remark.
Relive, Remember, Realize and Rejoice
Life passes by with gravity’s force.
Before we know, like snow, it melts away.
Relive, Remember, Realize and Rejoice
Like the day, life passes, Taking its course.

Jokers Wild

Marked as a child
To become a jokers wild
Cards were always sent
Wherever the riders went

First Place

It is no small task
Battling ghosts from the past
Fixing the damage done that night
Using malice and spite

Time has come full circle
My father has left this world
The picture is clear to see
His legacy has been handed to me

Changes have to be made
A new road is being paved
Membership comes at a price
You better do what’s right