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Scholarship office announcing outcomes of awards soon

Notification letters coming no later than May 31.
Jesse Proctor / Mainstream
Notification letters coming no later than May 31.

March is the month when the pen hits the paper and the scholarship application is filled out and submitted to the scholarship office. But what happens after that? Students wait to see if they receive any scholarships and with the months that pass, some students quickly forget about the process. Others expectantly wait to hear from someone in the scholarship office to see if they have been awarded anything. But the time of testing patience will soon be over — the announcements for scholarship winners will be arriving in the mail shortly.

This year the UCC Foundation awarded almost $350,000 to students. Krista Johnson, UCC Scholarship and Donor Relations Coordinator, has been diligently working on releasing the information regarding scholarship awards.

A letter will be sent out no later than May 31 to each student who completed a scholarship application. This letter will either tell of the scholarship(s) the student received or will explain that the student received no scholarships so no student is left wondering. If a student filled out an application but does not receive any type of letter from the scholarship office, he or she can contact Johnson immediately.

Johnson encourages students to come to the scholarship office in the Technology Center room 107 to pick up their letters in person on May 22 and 23 exclusively from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. If students are not able to present themselves, they should be checking their mail in anticipation of receiving a scholarship letter.

Upon receiving the letter, students are encouraged to contact Johnson either in person, by email or over the phone. Johnson would like to talk with students about their applications. Her heart is to help students understand what they did correctly and what they could improve on for next time.

The UCC Foundation board hopes that students will give feedback on the application process in order to improve the process. This feedback can even give the scholarship office reasons as to why some students do not apply for UCC scholarships.

It will also be required for students to write a thank you letter to the benefactor of the scholarship given. “If students do not complete and submit a thank you letter by June 21 they will not receive the money. Thank you letters are required from students receiving UCC Foundation Scholarships. If a student does not provide a thank you letter for each scholarship, they will forfeit their scholarship(s), and the funds will go to a previously selected alternate,” Johnson said.

Johnson also wishes to briefly talk to students and educate them on the history of the scholarship they receive. “The UCC Foundation hopes to develop long term relationships with scholarship recipients. We believe there is much more to a scholarship than receiving funds.”

Not only will it help the students understand where the money is coming from but also, “we hope to provide the opportunity for students and donors to learn more about each other,” Johnson said.

 Students with any questions regarding scholarship information should contact Krista Johnson at scholarshipcoordinator@umpqua.edu or at 541.440.7674 or talk to her in person in the scholarship office located in the Technology Center room 107.