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ASUCC Elections

Candidates focus on student concerns and ASUCC brings 16 constitutional proposals to the ballot

Sarah Gordon

candidate for ASUCC president

Charles Martin

candidate for ASUCC vice president

Kattie Contreras

candidate for ASUCC activities officer

Susannah Day

candidate for ASUCC public relations

Sarah Gordon, candidate for ASUCC president Charles Martin, candidate for ASUCC vice president Kattie Contreras, candidate for ASUCC activities officer Susannah Day, candidate for ASUCC public relations officer
Sarah Gordon was president of a 4-H Teen Leadership team and is a tutor. She is interested in legislature and government. Charles Martin is now back at UCC after 10 years in the automotive industry. He is interested in politics, history and lobbying. Kattie Contreras says she wants to work together to make this campus a better place for learning. She wants to see that students have a voice. Susannah Day plans to use her experience as a designer, computer technician, computer instructor and business owner as the PR officer.

What can the ASUCC candidates do for you?


What made you decide to run for office?

Gordon: “I’ve had some experience in the past with similar positions in organizations, and I see this as a great opportunity to further my involvement here at UCC. I decided to run for office after serving for a short amount of time as a club representative for ASTRA.”

Day: “Last term I served as the Debate Club representative. Attending student council meetings was a blast, and I would love to have an opportunity to give back to UCC during my final year.”

Contreras: “I have always wanted to be a part of something that would make a difference, and now I have that chance. I’m willing to make a difference and take the concerns of my fellow students as if it was my own.”

Martin: “My first time lobbying was a few weeks ago. It was an experience that motivated me to be a member of student government.”


What is the main change that you would like to see in student life at UCC?

Gordon: “I would love to see more students involved with some of the issues on campus right now, and I would like to see more clubs involved with students. We have some great clubs on campus, and students should really take advantage of the opportunities that they present.”

Day: “I would like to see a free period once per week so that all students can have the opportunity to attend important student events.”

Contreras: “I would love to see our students more engaged in their school’s activities achieved by the student government and be a part of the community as well.”

Martin: “I would like to see more funding for our grants so that the students would be able to take the classes they need for their degrees. Also, have enough money to pay for their books and living.”


How would you like to see the student fee money spent?

Gordon: “I would like to see it go towards things that benefit as many students as possible. The ASUCC student council is doing a great job of keeping the students’ interests as the number one priority, and I want to continue that into next year.”

Day: “I would like to see student fee money spent on a mixture of fun activities as well as services that benefit students in need.”

Contreras: “I would like to see the student fee spent towards the current student in some beneficial way.”

Martin: “I would like to see the student fee money spent on new equipment that the students benefit from such as computers, materials for classes, repair the pool, etc.”


What student issues would you most like to advocate for?

Gordon: “The extreme inconvenience of the registration process is something that I would really like to see addressed, as it affects student retention. Also, the health quality of the food in the cafeteria is a concern. Many students (including myself) frequently utilize the cafeteria, and there are very few healthy options for students, which is surprising considering that as a college, we should be at the forefront of efforts to improve health in our community.”

Day: “I would most like to advocate for students’ rights. It can be easy to solve issues without thinking through the impact these issues would have on students.”

Contreras: “I would stand up for those who aren’t comfortable speaking about the issues at hand.”

Martin: “Higher education funding. Taking students ideas and writing up proposals for them.”