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A tip of the hat to Schultz

Schultz wears a Seuss hat.
Cindy McSperitt / Mainstream
Schultz wears a Seuss hat.

Professor Suzanne Schultz arrived wearing two hats and carrying homemade cookies at her retirement reception on Friday, May 24 in Jackson 18.  The day was declared Hat Day to honor her 15 years of teaching service.

Schultz is known for her love of vintage hats and was pleased to see all who attended wearing a hat.  “Some of you really should wear hats more often,” Schultz said.  “I don’t know what to say except ‘thank you.’”

Melinda Benton, communication studies instructor, said a few words in Schultz’s honor.

“Suzanne has represented a concept that she has actually lived out for our whole campus,” Benton said.  “One of the things she has been trying to teach us throughout the years is that it is okay to be yourself.  That’s what makes life spicy and worthwhile.”

Benton suggested out of respect for Schultz that everyone take off their hats in her honor.  The group complied and Schultz was obviously touched by the gesture.

“I love every one of you,” Schultz said.

“One of the things that make it easy to propagate the idea of marching to your own drum is the idea that we can all learn from each other.  I have learned so much from my students - much more than I have taught them,“ Schultz said.

Schultz said many of her students have spoken with her recently about their plans after graduation.  “We’re all moving on to new things and even those who are staying are going to be doing new things.  It’s all about love and growth, “ Schultz said.

Regarding her plans for the future, Schultz wants to accomplish many things.  Eventually she plans to move to Florida, but won’t be going right away.  She has agreed to teach summer session at UCC.  “Summers in Oregon are the perfect time to be here,” Schultz said.  

Besides teaching part-time, Schultz is also going to be a hat curator.  She will be taking hat refurbishing lessons from the hat museum in Portland and is on a mission “to save all vintage hats from the dumpster.”

Remaining true to the teaching profession, she gave a quick lesson on the difference between haberdashers and milliners.  “Haberdashers are for men, milliners are for women,” Schultz said.

She also wants to continue learning French and has a trip planned to go to France next summer.