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ESB making students successful

Students study in the Success Center for final exams.
Dennis Wahlman / Mainstream
Students study in the Success Center for final exams.

Twenty-two students are tutoring in math, writing, chemistry, physics, biology and history at the Success Center located in the Educational Skills Building. This advantage, made available through student fees, brings equal opportunity to all students looking for academic assistance.

“Everyone pays for a Success Program fee when they pay for classes, so don’t waste the money,” Terrance Bradford, Learning Skills Director said.

The Success Center tutors are located in the Educational Skill Building room 15A. Student do not need to make appointments; instead they can enter the room, sign in at the computer kiosk and look for a tutor to begin a session.

Tutors working in the Success Center are former A and B grade students who help others understand their school work. They are currently striving to obtain their certification from the College of Reading and Learning Association. Multiple tutors are available in all subjects. Tutors can also give tips to students what to look for when taking notes in a class.