Student council prepares student survey for vote on student fee funds

Umpqua Community College and the ASUCC may re-allocate a portion of students’ $2 activity fee that had previously been set aside for sports.

Before a decision will be made, Osborne would like to ask students where they think the funds would be utilized best.

There will be a survey available to students this week in the campus center. ASUCC president Melissa Osborne is hoping the funds can go for recycling bins on campus.

Each year, UCC students pay a $2 student fee. Vice President of Student Development Lynn Moore said that $1 of that money goes to fund the ASUCC adviser’s salary and provide ASUCC program funds. The other $1 is split up: 50 cents to student transportation, 25 cents to volleyball and 25 cents was designated to go to former baseball/softball and soccer programs.

Currently, there is no facility on campus for baseball or softball. The technology center is now where the softball field used to be. The soccer field is still intact where UCC played in the past; the equipment is still in storage with UCC’s sporting equipment.

After the surveys are collected, the student council will need to ask the Umpqua Community College Board of Trustees for authorization to use the funds.

If students chose to purchase recycling bins, ASUCC’s goal is to also use companies to help deal with the recycled products, in hopes that they do not pile up around campus as they do now.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.