ASUCC “ADAPT”s Halloween Event

ASUCC will be sponsoring the annual showing of the 1975 classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as part of their fall student activities. The showing will also benefit ADAPT, a local peer mentoring program.

Originally, a haunted house was scheduled, but due to logistical problems, it was canceled.

Although materials were bought for a haunted house event at a cost of $7,341, those materials will not be wasted. “We will be using some of the products we bought for the haunted house in the Campus Center, in the week leading up to Halloween, to make it a little more festive and also for the Rocky Horror Picture Show,” said ASUCC President Melissa Osborne.

“Those materials, almost everything we bought, is re-usable, and we’ll be able to re-use [them] for this event for the next 10, 15 years,” said Osborne.

The money used in the haunted house project was surplus from the past four to five years of ASUCC general funds according to Osborne. As Vice President of Student Development Lynn Moore explained, surplus was available from the portion of money allocated out of student activity fees to support the ASUCC advisor salary and the ASUCC program.

The ASUCC executive officers unanimously made the decision to spend the money to host a haunted house before fall term started, according to Osborne, in order to set up an event that could be continued at a low cost by future officers.

However, during the first week of the term, the Activities Officer resigned. Osborne says, “One of the roles of ASUCC is to develop new activities for the student body. We developed the idea of a haunted house for fall term in order to give the students and the community a large activity during that term. Unfortunately, due to quite a few different logistical issues, the haunted house isn’t going to be going forward with this year’s plan. One of those problems was that our Activities Officer dropped out during the first week [of school].” Osborne also added that they “wouldn’t have tackled a major event like this, without an Activities Officer.”

She also mentioned “issues with getting everything taken care of on a higher level in regards to the facilities.” There were problems locating a facility to host the project.

In the past, proceeds from the annual showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” were donated to the Casa De Belen homeless shelter. However, due to statewide budget cuts, the Adapt mentoring program no longer has finances.

“[ADAPT] is a good organization in the community that helps with teenagers, so we wanted to have the proceeds go to that,” said Osborne.

The cost of admission to the showing of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is $5, or $3 with two cans of food. The food will go to Project Cans, a food pantry program created by ASUCC in order to help students with food needs.

The showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will be at the Student Center on Friday, October 30 from 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Activities are scheduled before the event. Students are highly encouraged to dress in costume.

The ADAPT program can be contacted by calling 541-672-2691.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.