ASUCC shuffles their positions

Roxann Byrd was recently appointed as ASUCC Activities Officer and Sarah Cole has been appointed to the new position of Head Senator. Steve Salapich has stepped down this term as Senator.

Roxann Byrd was a senator in the spring of last year, and according to ASUCC President Melissa Osborne, “with her knowledge of how student government works at UCC, the transition has been very smooth.”

When a student runs for an ASUCC office after the start of the school year, he or she fills out the same application and needs the same amount of student signatures as during a regular campaign which is held in the spring. The difference from running before the school year starts is that the executive council votes on the applicant instead of an election being held. 

Byrd is a Human Services major who hopes to work with problem teenagers or young children when she graduates. She plans on taking time off before transitioning to a University, but in the meantime she will be involved in a Cooperative Work Experience at the Family Development Center this year to further her educational goals. Byrd also has goals for ASUCC, “I would like to see more fun activities and bring students together with student council because we really do want to hear from students. It’s what we’re here for.”

Sarah Cole was recently elected in the new position of Head Senator, created by the Executive Council this term to be a liaison between the officers and senators to keep the information flowing. The process for the appointment to this position was a little different because candidates who were already current senators asked for an appointment with the executive council who then voted. Cole plans to run again next term as head senator (the position is a term by term office).

Cole came from Brevard Community College in Florida and was amazed that they had no student government, newspaper or any type of clubs and she says she “felt kind of blind while going to school in such an environment.”

Immediately upon enrolling at UCC, Cole sought out the student government and applied to be a senator soon after.

Cole concludes, “I want the students to know that they can come to us with questions or ideas. Our door is always open.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.