Rescue the Shoe!

ASUCC collected boxes full of shoes on Friday, Dec. 4, 2009, as part of Nike’s global “Reuse a Shoe” campaign.

The shoes, once collected, will be dismantled into three separate parts: rubber from the outer sole, fabric from the upper part of the shoe and foam from the midsole. Once the parts of the shoe are separated, they are placed into massive grinders to be ground into raw materials to be used for athletic fields. The rubber soles, once ground down, will be used to make running tracks, the ground foam is used to make tennis courts, and the fabric is used to make basketball courts.

According to ASUCC Advisor Marjan Coester, the ASUCC was approached by Chris Conroy, an aide to Congressman Peter DeFazio, who explained that the congressional office that collects the most shoes will get a donation from Nike to be used at DeFazio’s discretion on a non-profit organization to promote athletic activities for children.

DeFazio chose Glide High School as the benefactor of the donation in an effort to support them after the fire that burned down its gymnasium last year. Congressman DeFazio has chosen the Boys and Girls Club if his office wins this contest this year.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.