Project C.A.N.S in Full Swing

The Campus Advocates for Nourishing Students program, or better known as Project C.A.N.S., is in full swing this term. More than twenty students have used the service since the beginning of winter term and the number is expected to increase as the project receives more publicity.

"We have had a really good response from the community in regards to support,” Melissa Osborne, ASUCC president said.

Project C.A.N.S is designed to assist students during difficult times. Students can receive balanced and nutritious meals from a pantry that is conveniently located on campus. The entire process is private and confidential and the pantry is located at the back of the campus center, so that students can drive to and pick up their food in private. Any student who is enrolled in at least three credits during a term is automatically eligible to utilize this service. Students are allowed to get supplemental food boxes three times each term.

Project C.A.N.S has been granted ten thousand dollars from the UCC Trustee Board and received $570 from the UCC employee giving campaign, an annual campaign where UCC staff members select an organization to donate to and have the money deducted from their paychecks. The Roseburg Rotary Club is collecting food donations for the project each and donations are still being collected daily by staff and students.

"I never thought this would actually happen on campus and now we have a permanent space and have had huge amounts of support from the community. I never expected to get this much support," Osborne stated.

There are currently donation boxes in the campus center that are labeled "Souper Bowl." This is the Project C.A.N.S version of the Super Bowl. Each box represents a different team and whichever team has the most cans at the end of the contest is the winner of the “Souper Bowl”.

"I think Project C.A.N.S is awesome. There are a lot of students that have families and are struggling right now. It is nice to have a place we can go and get help. There are other food pantries in Douglas County but people can't always get there. That’s what’s nice about having it on campus; we are already here so it's convenient," said Darlene Lemon, UCC student.

For more information on Project C.A.N.S contact Melissa Osborne at 541-440-7849 or

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