Students feel empathy for devastated francophone country

In February, Umpqua Community College Students, faculty and staff raised nearly $1,000 for the victims and survivors of Haiti’s earthquake.

“We should all be proud of how everyone pitched in and showed their caring toward others in need,” said French instructor Ni Aodagain. “A special thank you to the students of French 102 who did all of the legwork, and especially Erika Pennington, Adam Logan and Kerry Mahoney who kept the drive alive.”

Ni Aodagain suggested that the class could raise relief funds for Haiti. Some of the students began by creating posters and ribbons in an effort to collect donations. They established a five day post in the college campus center where they attracted a great number of passers-by with eager hearts and wallets.

Every donator received a hand-made ribbon fashioned in the same manner of the cancer awareness ribbons. For five days, eight students took turns rotating at the table set up for the cause. Along with collecting funds at the tables, students also went from building to building around the campus in order to obtain the donations from administrators, faculty and staff who couldn’t make it to the Campus Center. In total the college raised $942 which was sent to the Mercy Corps in Portland, OR.

You can still donate directly through the UCC Foundation. Contact Ni Aodagain at 440-4643.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.