A final study with ASUCC

Another Study-In to help students prepare for finals will be hosted by ASUCC March 13. This Saturday’s library session starts at 11 a.m. with tutors, instructors, snacks and prizes. The event is completely free for students.

“The study-in is an event put together by student government where students are invited out to the school on the weekend before finals to receive tutoring in a variety of subjects by both students and faculty,” Hannah Hartman, ASUCC vice president, said.

Student government has been planning the affair since the beginning of the term.

“I am looking forward to the event. Students are very excited about it. They’ve been asking questions concerning the study-in since the fifth week of this term,” Roxann Byrd, the ASUCC activities officer, said.

The event allows students time with both tutors and instructors in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, Byrd explained. The library houses many tables and chairs, dozen of computers and provides students with access to thousands of sources. “A great place for the Study-In,” Byrd remarked. “The faculty and administration have been very supportive.”

Food and drink will be supplied by ASUCC for students, tutors and faculty free of charge. And several drawings for prizes will also be held. Even though a fun tone is being set with food and prizes, the function is to help students with school, explains Hartman.

“The purpose of the Study-In stems from the fact that not only is ASUCC made up of student leaders, but we are also students, and we know what it’s like when finals time swings around and you may not feel completely prepared in a subject. We have parlayed that feeling into an event that will benefit students in their education. It’s a chance for students to study in a comfortable environment with other students and to boost their confidence when finals do come,” Hartman said.

The goal of ASUCC is to make this an ongoing event from term-to-term that will allow students to relax in an environment conducive to study.

“We try to offer tutors in as many subjects as we possibly can. There are writing and math tutors and science tutors, but there are also tutors in subjects such as sociology and foreign languages. Also, we offer one of the most important study supplies needed for studying: food.”

This is the second event of this kind held by ASUCC. The first took place during fall term, Dec. 5 at the same time and location.

Last term’s Study-In saw more than 200 students and tutors participate as well as more than half-a-dozen instructors, Byrd remarked. Since the event takes place Saturday, instructors take time off to assist students with end-of-the-term projects and finals.

Food, drink and prizes were supplied by ASUCC during the nine hour affair. Some of the snacks supplied were donuts of various shapes and sizes, a large quantity and variety of pizza from Little Cesar’s, several types of bagels and cream cheese, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, scores of cookies, and later in the evening, sandwiches and chips were provided.

To go along with the assortment of snacks was a large selection of drinks including bottled water, several types of juice and wide range of soda.

The members of ASUCC passed out tickets to students and tutors for prize drawings. Separate drawings were held for students and tutors, both in the morning and evening. Some of the prizes given out were flash drives, gift cards, coffee mugs, jars of vitamins, t-shirts and much more.

The cost of the previous term’s Study-In was $560.

“A lot of time and preparation goes into the event, but it is well worth it,” Byrd said.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.