New online book rental system

The UCC bookstore has launched a new website where students can rent their college level texts instead of buying them. The system can save students up to 75 percent of the cost of a text plus the hassle of trying to sell a textbook when a course is over.

The website,, has been getting favorable reviews.

“The website is really easy to use, and it felt like I was on searching for books,” said Taylor Howard, a full time UCC student. The website states that students can save $500 a year via the rental system. Howard agreed, “It’s a great savings. This term alone I have saved about $200.”

The site states that students get up to 75 percent off the books by renting them instead of buying them. “You’re going to sell your books back anyway, why not just rent them for a fraction of the price,” advises design student Anna Reno.

Books can be rented for various amounts of time starting at 30 days. Renters are given permission to highlight or write in a rented book as long as the book isn’t ruined. The website also sends out an e-mail two weeks before a book is due back to all book renters who use the system.

This website also offers quick delivery of books  to anyone’s home, so students don’t have to worry about falling behind in classes. Shipping is free both ways to help students as well. Returning the rented textbooks is easy; renters just print out a free shipping label, put the books in a box, tape it up, and drop it off at a local UPS store. The website even has a link for local UPS stores to make it even easier on renters.

The website, although it is fairly new, has access to over three million U.S. edition titles for students to choose from, so getting the right book for each class is simple. In addition, because some of the money from the book rentals goes right back to UCC’s bookstore, the site not only helps local students but it also helps the college in the long run.

To find the website, go to the UCC home page, type “book rental” in the search bar and go directly to the link.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.