Affordable health insurance for students

Did you know that UCC offers an affordable health insurance plan which students can purchase on a term per term basis? According to a poll taken recently for a technical writing class project, most people in the campus community are unaware of the American Insurance option available to all UCC students and their families or domestic partners.

The insurance offers students an opportunity to replace the healthcare coverage they may have lost as a displaced worker. For students in trade classes, the insurance can provide a safety net against the types of injuries that may occur when working for the first time with dangerous tools such as band saws, mechanical lifts and acetylene torches.

To be eligible for the Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan, students must be enrolled continuously for nine credit hours or more per term, but the insurance can also be purchased for a student’s spouse or domestic partner and unmarried dependents under age 19.

The insurance needs to be purchased before an injury occurs because the plan has a pre-existing condition limitation. For example, if a student injuries his hand on a band saw, an incident which happened recently to a construction student, the insurance would not cover costs for diagnosis, treatment or care for six months.

The insurance starts at $85 per term for accident only or $177 for accident and sickness. Additional charges will incur for children, spouse or domestic partner.

The insurance covers things such as hospital room and board, intensive care, outpatient emergency and surgery, physician treatment, x-rays, cat scans, prescriptions and more. For full explanation of benefits including co-pays and limits, students should see the brochure.

The brochures are located in the Campus Center in front of Marjan Coester’s office. Coester is the director of student life.  Her phone number is (541) 440-4600, ext 7749.

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