Presidential Search

Executive search consultant Pamila Fisher of the Association of Community College Trustees conducted two forums Nov. 22 to collect input on what the college community needs in their new president.

That input has led to information available on UCC’s homepage regarding what the search committee will be looking for: someone who can “champion innovative teaching and learning with a focus on student success; relate well and interact regularly with students and student leaders; recognize, honor and celebrate what is good about UCC while continuously striving to be even better and make a long-term personal and professional commitment to this community.”

The search committee plans to continue posting information to this  link which includes a timeline, information on who is on the screening committee and progress reports.

“It will be like an archival public record so that if somebody’s been in a hole somewhere, and on Jan. 5 he says, ‘What’s going on with this thing about a new president?’ they can go to that website and basically find out everything that is public information,” said Fisher.

Applications for the position are due Feb. 1. The committee will then narrow the list down to between six and eight candidates to interview. From there, the committee will come to a consensus on three or four finalists, at which point the names of the remaining candidates will be released to the public. Fisher emphasized the importance of keeping the names of individuals who have applied for the position confidential.

The committee will compile a list of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the top candidates and submit that information to the board, who will make the final decision.

Fisher also addressed the selection committee process. “I have yet to find any committee where one person could direct what happens in that committee,” she assured the audience. Fisher stated that it is her role to make sure that the voice of every person on the committee is heard, and that the committee reaches a consensus.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.