Debate Club

Debate Club Not Just a Club, a Network

“Which club is having the most fun at UCC?”  The answer “We are!” was shouted by debate club during Fridays club meeting.

 Debate club is improving student communication skills, helping them to succeed.

 “The club has the ability to enrich the education and success of students by helping to build strong public speaking skills, making them better communicators” said Simon Stacy, club president.

Students and staff who attend meetings will find a variety of philosophical topics being debated, ranging from the light hearted and entertaining  to more serious topics such as laws and social values.

“Just come and have fun, you don’t even have to speak if you don’t want to” said Paula Usrey the clubs staff adviser.

People may attend the club’s meetings as active participants, or to just observe. There are no requirements to join the club.

 “I am attending the club, gaining extra credit for my speech class,” said student Jennifer Ballard.

Currently the club does not actively debate against any other schools in formal competition; however Stacy hopes to change this.

Debating other schools is only one of the club’s ideas for the future.

 “We have plans to incorporate the use of Skype as a form of creating debates with other colleges in the future” said Stacy.

Skype is an online conferencing tool reaching anyone in the world with an internet signal, ranging in capabilities from simple instant messaging to voice conferencing with multiple users, and also features video chat.

The club uses social networking as one of their communication tools. A Facebook page for the club contains topics of debate and also functioning as a means to exchange messages and information with other club members is now available. Stacy administrates the club’s web page.

Currently the club has approximately 15 members and even though it had begun with a mere five members.

“I would like to see club membership soar to at least 20 to 25 members within the next two terms” said Stacy.

The club plans to hold a public debate in spring similar to the one held last year in Jacoby Auditorium.

“We are hoping to be able to hold a formal debate near the eighth week of the fall term. We would like to extend an invitation to join us and” said Stacy.

All students and staff are invited to attend the club’s weekly meeting. The meetings are held every Friday at noon in the Snyder building, room 18.

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