Dodging the Winter Blues

Sponsored by ASUCC, dodge ball took center court in the Riverhawk nest Sunday afternoon. Five teams registered into the competition with the flops, follies and interesting uniform choices frequently found in the sport.

“Overall I had five teams sign up, with $300 to go toward more non-profit programs,” said ASUCC Business Manager Ben Horvath.

ASUCC brought in Roseburg YMCA officials to ensure fairness and to create a professional atmosphere.

“We wanted an organized tournament,” stated Horvath.

After paying $60 to enter the contest, competitors showed a desire to have fun during the cold winter afternoon. A team created by UCC nursing students, played with intensity and athleticism, placing third after the round robin tournament. With the third place finish, they would earn a $50 gift certificate to Abby’s pizza.

 “We needed to get out and relax,” said UCC nursing team member Sean Singh.

As proof that students were not the only people looking for fun and excitement on Sunday, people from the community put together a team named The Beauty and the Beasts who took first place in the tournament, securing the top prize of a $100 gift certificate.

“We are friends and family who also play softball together during the summer,” said Beauty and The Beasts’ team member Kurt (who declined giving his last name).

The Honey Badgers, another UCC student team, showed their enthusiasm and style by wearing make-shift uniforms consisting of extremely short gym shorts reminiscent of the 70’s era. There was no lack of animosity, as the green, red, and blue balls flew swiftly at opposing team members.

College students were not the youngest players on the floor; students from Oakland High School, from age 14 up, united as the Oakers taking to the court in an effort to improve their dodge ball skills while still having fun. Securing a second place finish, they earned a $50 gift certificate. 

The play was intense with several bloody noses and flattened bodies.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.