Cristina Bayardo

Cristina Bayardo, one of the students who volunteered, dressed as a pirate for the event.

The Harvest Festival

The Douglas County community came together on Oct. 20 to participate in free Halloween festivities at UCC’s second annual Harvest Festival.

The whole campus was full of different spooky activities for children to take part in, from face painting and a pumpkin patch near the Jacoby Auditorium to a Witch’s Hall in Wayne Crooch Hall.

Each activity had a generous line of excited superheroes and princesses waiting to decorate some cookies or bounce in one of the two bouncy house on campus.

Dozens of volunteers helped make the event possible, with the TOP, ETS and Upward Bound organizations helping to run the activities and pass out candy to the trick or treaters.

ASUCC members were also volunteering, such as ASUCC senator Jessica Mixen assisting in the Zombie Book Walk and ASUCC Vice President Freddy Gompf heading the ‘Parachute Freddy’ activity.

Students also helped with the construction of the event, such as making the Mad Science Lab and Haunted House in Lockwood Hall possible. The Lockwood Haunted House provided scares galore with dark empty walkways, unseen hands grabbing at ankles, as well as a sudden pyrotechnic show near the end.

Welding student, Skylar Trzasaowski helped with the flame torch portion near the end of the Haunted House. He says some of the other welding and auto students helped make the house which took about six hours to construct.

“Making it [the Haunted House] was really fun; everyone got to pick what they wanted to do and the House scared quite a few people. Even some adults were scared by me setting off the flame torch.” Trzasaowski said.

Teachers helped as well, Becky Chappel of the Science Department helped make the steaming and glowing beakers in the Mad Science Lab that appealed to the children with their bubbling and bright colors.

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