Excel 2013

New style for Office 2013

As the holiday season arrives like a freight train, bringing time for family and fun, seasonal software sales are also around the corner. With promises of better technology, here comes the new Office 2013.

Consumers expecting a major change like the shift from the menu design of Office 2003 to the ribbon design of Office 2007, might be disappointed.

Office 2013 is changing to more of a tablet style for Windows 8, but users are calling the new style ugly and elementary. Microsoft will offer some new features and improvements, while still keeping the same Office functioning.

While Office 2013, officially dubbed as Office 15, is not actually ready for release yet, Microsoft does have the program out in a “preview” version [Note: this preview will OVERWRITE your current office product]. The full version is slated to release sometime in early 2013.

According to Microsoft’s website, the new Word now has an improved read feature which will allow text to flow into columns without any input from the user. In addition, Word will automatically bookmark a user’s last location in a document so that when the document is reopened, the page will display that location instead of users needing to search for the spot they left off in.

PowerPoint will now have a new, simpler start screen along with the ability to merge shapes together.

Excel will introduce two new features: the ability to recognize data patterns, and flash fill, which will help reorganize data to make it much more understandable. Also, Microsoft is introducing an addition to pivot-tables that will give users several recommended pivot-table types.

Office 2010 Avaliable to Students for $18

The UCC technology department has arranged for registered UCC students to purchase Office 2010 through the UCC bookstore for $18, a program that normally costs around $175.

Cathy Vaughn, the bookstore manager, wished to pass along a warning for students who are installing the $18 program for the first time. “Most computers come with a trial version of Office. Before you install this full version, you must uninstall that version; otherwise the program will work for a little while and then stop and want you to register it again.”

For those who are not tech savvy, the UCC computer club meets periodically and often provides assistance. See Activities Director Marjan Coester in Campus Center for times.

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