Free tutoring offered 24 hours a day

Students Aware of Smarthinking

Students Using Smarthinking

Students who have no time to meet in study groups or who have schedules that conflict with an instructor’s office hours may be interested in the Smarthinking web site for free online tutoring.

Smarthinking, paid for by ASUCC and the college, offers live online tutors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in many subjects.

The website’s live tutors are able to respond quickly to students’ questions helping them step by step to learn the material.

“I was using Smarthinking because I was working on my online math homework late at night, and I found the site to be a helpful resource,” said Heather Ouellette, a UCC student.

Smarthinking is a free resource that only requires students to make an account with a password and a user name. Students can also login through their online Angel account by opening up their online course and clicking the “Go to Smarthinking” button. Students who do not have an Angel account can contact Vicki Formosa, UCC tutor coordinator, in the Educational Skills Building by emailing her at or calling 541-440-7733 for assistance to set up a Smartthinking account.

Currently, basic math, algebra, liberal arts math, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and geometry tutors are available 24/7. For times of other subjects, students need to see the UCC tutoring office or go online.

“Smartthinking is a valuable service for students who are not close to campus or may need tutoring evenings, nights, and weekends when the ESB center isn’t open,” said Formosa.

There seems to be a trend of students who have heard about Smarthinking but have never used the site. In a Mainstream survey of 30 students, 19 had heard of Smarthinking while 11 had not. Of the 30 students surveyed, only three had used Smarthinking.

The Mainstream is a student publication of Umpqua Community College.