Wi-Fi connection at UCC has been a prevalent problem recently for students, staff and faculty. When students can’t connect to Wi-Fi to work on their assignments, attend meetings over Zoom, or submit their work, suddenly connection to Wi-Fi means a lot more than just scrolling through social media.   It’s easyContinue Reading

When students need help, they seek out an instructor, advisor or administrator. But behind the scenes are some additional important leaders with influential roles in UCC operations. These leaders are the UCC Board of seven elected officials including Twila McDonald, Melvin “Bud” Smith, David Littlejohn, Erica Mills, Guy N. Kennerly,Continue Reading

ASUCC officer Anthony Gordon holds many titles: UCC special events technician, public relations officer, archival videographer and merit award theater student. This coming summer, “UCC graduate” will join that list. (See previous “Mainstream” article featuring Gordon.) Since fall term, Gordon’s work has involved designing the lighting effects for three UCCContinue Reading

While bigger universities have the marketing to make school look inviting, often these schools lack the deeper connection between teachers and students found at Umpqua Community College.  At UCC most teachers go above and beyond to work with students for hours at a time to help finish a paper orContinue Reading

ASUCC wants to help bring light to students through the good and bad times of college. Larisa Czernowski, ASUCC president, says, “Our goal is little changes. It doesn’t always have to be something overarching and huge. I think it starts with little changes.” ASUCC mission and plans for campus A mission ASUCC has is creating more campus spaces that feelContinue Reading

Why take a hard class when you can take an easier one? The challenge of a difficult class can quickly become a significant, meaningful accomplishment with long term personal, physical and career benefits, even for students who tend to struggle. Though sometimes difficult, these are the classes which increase theContinue Reading

UCC’s new three-year strategic “doing” plan, recently presented by President Rachel Pokrandt, takes a three-pronged approach to prosperity: increase opportunity, increase value and focus on the future. “UCC will thrive,” writes Pokrandt; “We proved our ability to change during the pandemic. Let’s harness that ability and speed. The time is now. WeContinue Reading

While Black Panther’s T’Challa was a beloved cinema hero, Ta-Nehisi Coates is a real-life hero with connections to the historic U.S. Black Panthers and an icon, especially influential in the black community. Coates is an award-winning novelist and journalist whose publications cover the truth about racial injustices in America; andContinue Reading