“How many days can I miss if I’m sick?” “Should I get to know my professors?” “How can I make college easier?” New students wonder about these questions and more, but no worries.
Returning UCC students have some helpful advice.

Cheaper alternative for books
Alex Acevedo, a sophomore at Umpqua Community College says, “There’s a site that offers students free books. It’s called Openstax.”
Openstax.org is a nonprofit and offers plenty of books free of cost from their partnerships with philanthropic foundations as well as educational resource companies.

College doesn’t
totally mean freedom
Sam Canete is a sophomore in college, but a new addition to UCC. She says that her transition to UCC was “comfort and familiarity” and she is hopeful for this year at UCC. Although Canete is new to UCC she says, “Don’t let the freedom get into your head; you should always try to attend your classes because it really makes a difference. Plus you’re paying for these classes.”

Get involved
Sophomore, Micah Kruzic says, “Branch out and get involved.” Kruzic also says, “Get engaged in your classes, make some new friends and have fun.”

Apply to TRiO
Leslie Rogers, director of TRiO says that new and transfer students should apply for TRiO. Rogers explains that TRiO offers students access to tutors and help when transferring to a secondary college as well as help with filling out FAFSA, OSAC and other scholarships.

Have goals
Rogers also says that students should have “clearly defined goals to help them know where they need to be and how to get there.

Be social
Kylie Hooten advises students that schoolwork is important, but so is being social and having fun.

Learn the grounds
So that if someone needs help then you can help them.

Make time for
Jacob Mauro says that students should make a schedule of when to study. Make specific times for studying and stick to them.

Read the syllabus
Christine Simmons, academic director at TOP, says that reading your syllabus will help you understand what the outcomes of the class are. Reading the syllabus will also give important information like where to find the instructor’s office and office hours as well as contact information.

Read more than once
Simmons also says that students should read their text three times: before lecture, after lecture and before a test. Reading more than once, she says, will help you understand the lecture better as well as on the test “you’ll end up getting a 110%.”

Get to know the
Simmons believes getting to know the instructor is a key to success. “It’s as important as going to class,” she says. Getting to know the instructor will help. If the instructor gets to know the student is makes it easier to see the struggles and strengths. Simmons says that it is “highly advised” to bug the instructors.

Know the services
UCC provides many services to help students with difficult circumstances.
Former ASUCC Vice President Lenora al Ratta says that there are so many resources at ASUCC and to get familiar with them in case a service is needed. Some services include gas vouchers, free clothing, lunch assistance, free or reduced cost bus passes, free food boxes, meat vouchers, laundry vouchers, free backpacks and free school supplies. “The list to me seems endless,” She says.

For more information contact April Hamlin, Dean of Student Services, at 541-440-7860 •