ASUCC elections update: Positions need filled

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Graduation is fast approaching and the end of spring term is on many students’ minds, but the student government election results are not to be overlooked.

This election ASUCC had four applicants apply for three positions. Two applicants applied for vice president and the applicant not elected into office by students will be allowed to choose between the remaining two positions; activities officer and business manager, according to current ASUCC president, Amanda Cerda.

Students curious about participating in student government for the 2022-23 school year are encouraged to read the qualifications and reach out to ASUCC council leadership. All remaining positions, including senator positions, will remain open and ASUCC will continue to accept applications for the open positions. Interviews between the candidates and ASUCC leadership will be conducted to screen candidates until all positions are filled.

This spring, students were offered the chance to vote for preferred candidates online via the canvas portal. Voting ran May 16 through Friday, May 20 with a total of 90 students voting for their preferred candidates. Ballots were counted on Monday, May 23, 2022, and the Executive Council positions for the 2022-2023 academic year have been selected.

The newly elected ASUCC president forwarded a message to students and then what follows is an announcement of the student leadership team for next school year. 

ASUCC President Larisa Czernowski

ASUCC President Larissa Czernowski challenges herself to continue to learn and grow.
Photo provided by Larissa Czernowski

I am working towards an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree with certifications such as a Certified Alcohol and other Drugs Counselor 1 (CADC I) certificate and a Recovery Peer Mentor certification in the process. I have just begun an internship through Serenity Lane Roseburg Intensive Outpatient Treatment and DUI Services office. I am a Roseburg native having been born at the Douglas Community Hospital. I have no pets but I’m a lover of animals. I am a mother to an 8-year-old girl who told me if I didn’t run, then I would regret it. She wasn’t wrong. I am connected to the Roseburg recovery community, volunteering in different facilities such as the Douglas County Women’s Jail and Adapt Crossroads to bring recovery resources to help women reintegrate back into society. I’m also an Admin for a social media page with 1.1K members and growing, called “Roseburg Recovery” that frequently shares events and resources within our area as well as other surrounding areas for people in recovery to develop a continuum of care through community connection. I also enjoy working with students through accessibility services as a test reader and am currently serving as a student ambassador. Since beginning my role as a student ambassador, I have had the opportunity to get to know more about what UCC has to offer students. As an advocate for the importance of developing supportive relationships and connections that help people grow and succeed, I look forward to doing what I can to help bridge the gap for other students in reaching their own measure of success. I’m also looking forward to making continued progress in challenging myself to grow and develop new skills, as well as contributing back to the facility that helped develop my ability to advocate for myself through my continuing education. I can’t wait to start working with the team towards creating ways to increase student involvement and make those long-lasting connections as we forge forward on into this next phase of returning back to the classrooms. 

ASUCC positions

ASUCC Vice President — Melissa Wilkins, a nursing student whose husband also attends UCC. For more information about Wilkins, read her profile article by The Mainstream.

ASUCC Activities Officer — No candidate filed.

ASUCC Public Relations Officer — Anthony Gordon currently serves on the ASUCC student council as the public relations officer and will be reprising his role again next year.

ASUCC Business Manager — No candidate filed.

Student government is a vital link for students to engage with administration in the decision-making processes that affects students currently and well into the future. Without student governments participation students needs and best interests can be overlooked by faculty who desire the student body perspective.

For questions, concerns, comments or to submit your application, contact ASUCC leadership in person at the LaVerne Murphy Student Center or online at the UCC website. You can also call Director of Student Engagement Marjan Coester at 541-440-7749.

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