At the culmination of every academic year, the Associated Students of Umpqua Community College (ASUCC) conducts an election of and by students that will decide the leaders of the ASUCC for the upcoming year. These leadership positions include President, Vice President, Business Manager, Activities Officer, and Public Relations Officer.

In last year’s election, I was entrusted with the honor of filling the role of Public Relations Officer for AY 2017-18.

It has been my personal honor and privilege to represent and defend the voice and will of the Student Body, and I am grateful for the lessons this office has taught me: I have learned how to succeed with gratitude, and to fail with grace. Not a single person can be credited for this journey, and it is not mine.

The Officers, Senators, and Club Representatives are thankful for the trust and love that you, the Student Body, have freely given to us. Your feedback and support keep us driving on when the brick walls become particularly stubborn. We simply would not be here without the students we represent, nor would we have the competence and confidence we have gained without the advice and lessons given to us by the faculty, staff, administrators, and UCC community.

We encourage that you answer the call that so many students before you have answered and submit your application for candidacy. The strength you will find within yourself will be unlike most others, and the bonds you will form will go beyond the halls of Umpqua Community College.

You will see that your ability to lead is far beyond anything you ever anticipated, and in turn you will be driven to lead. You will see a fighting spirit and a relentless will that will change you forever. No longer will you be able to stand on the sidelines as an observer.

If you want to be a part of a fellowship of students who value discourse, student voice, and cooperation towards a greater goal, come to the ASUCC office and pick up an application and petition for candidacy.

Deadline for application for ballot entries is Friday, 04 May 2018.

Hawk Love,

Robert Mountainspring- Wood
Public Relations Officer
Associated Students of Umpqua Community College