After a voting period of three days held on Canvas, 245 votes for the ASUCC student council election were tabulated on May 9th.

The Results:

  • ASUCC President – Jesika Barnes
  • ASUCC Vice President – Jessica Grubbs
  • ASUCC Activities Officer – Jadyn McAbee
  • ASUCC Public Relations Officer – Kayla Kilburn
  • ASUCC Business Manager – Vyla Grindberg

The results were accepted by the ASUCC Student Leadership Team on May 14, and the candidates will take their new positions during the 2019-2020 school year.

The incoming 2019-20 student body president Jesika Barnes, who is attending UCC for her pre-nursing major, is excited about her new position. “[Being on student council] keeps you motivated for school,” Barnes said. “It helps when you’re involved on campus.” Barnes briefly explained what she’ll need to do as president. The ASUCC president calls meetings to order and keeps track of the officers and senators. As an officer, she explained that she needed 12 hours of meetings, conferences, and office hours per week. Senators only needed seven. During office hours, events are typically planned such as the upcoming UCC carnival event where raffles will be held.

“I’m very excited about our team,” said Barnes. She also explained that the leadership team are actively looking for more senators. “ASUCC will be looking for senators next year and our great team will like to welcome anyone who wants to develop leadership skills.”

Jadyn McAbee, who plans on becoming a leadership coach, explains that as an activities officer, her job will be to coordinate different events throughout the year. McAbee was a state officer for Oregon Future Business Leaders of America during high school. During her time with FBLA, she found her passion for business.

Vyla Grindberg, who is majoring in engineering technology and is active in the Engineering Club on campus, explains her position as business manager. Her position “involves ensuring that ASUCC meetings are running smoothly by taking notes and printing minutes for everyone. In addition we handle items for food baskets and pantry items, as well as any other necessities that UCC students have.” Grindberg also explained that the leadership team makes sure the clubs on campus have what they need to function.

Marjan Coester, director of student engagement and advisor to student leadership, provided an explanation of the election. Positions begin to open up at the end of winter term. Students wanting to run as a member of the ASUCC Leadership Board must take an application and have it completed by April 19. Anyone wanting to run after this period can run as a write-in candidate. The application requires a typed nomination statement of no-more than 250 words, and a signed petition of at least 50 signatures from students attending UCC. Applicants are also required to attend at least two ASUCC Leadership Board meetings before May 3. After Coester verifies the signatures, campaigning begins and lasts from April 22 to May 8.

For the last four years, elections have been held on Canvas. Students using Canvas had to accept an election course in which they would then be able to vote and view the election results.

If you’re interested in joining the ASUCC Leadership program, find Marjan Coester or Jesika Barnes in the LaVerne Murphy Student Center.