ASUCC election voting May 24-31

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Voting for the 2023-24 Student Leadership team can be done through Canvas starting May 24.
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ASUCC election voting May 24-31

ASUCC members discuss campus issues during their open meetings.
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Students will vote on several positions for student government, also called Student Leadership, through Canvas from May 24 to May 31: the ASUCC president is the chairperson for ASUCC who acts as the face of the organization; the vice-president leads students while maintaining healthy relations with local legislators; the activities officer has the responsibility of overseeing the needs of UCC’s students and helping to invoke school spirit; the public relation officer acts as the public voice of ASUCC among the student body and abroad; and the business manager handles the finances of ASUCC student service projects and helps record the events within ASUCC board meetings.

During May 24 to May 31, the candidates on the ballot can push their campaigns and make themselves known among their fellow students. The creation of floats, participation in public meet and greets and other such campaign activities have been encouraged.

The new student government officers will contribute to the discussion of campus policy updates and changes, serving on multiple committees with UCC staff. These activities teach students valuable leadership skills experience as they make a difference on campus.

ASUCC is also the prime representation of student interests on campus as they work with both students and staff to create investing activities that help develop the campus such as games of bingo open for all to participate and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, or holiday-based events like their Valentines Day cookie decoration tables that allow anyone to have some seasonal fun.

ASUCC members also lend aid when it comes to those who are dealing with tough times with ASUCC being responsible for important student services programs such as a textbook and supply reserve, transportation assistance and even boxes of supplemental food. These services have allowed many of UCC’s student body to power through low points.

It’s not all fun and games, however, as ASUCC is also in charge of enriching skill-building educational exercises that they either lead or sponsor, these including the vital Resource Fairs which allow students access to both staff and a variety of community specialists that can help them develop further skills and connections while on campus.

Students on the ballot for ASUCC previously collected at least 25 individual physical signatures from fellow students on a nomination form.

After voting ends, results will be announced on June 2 during the Outstanding Student Reception

ASUCC information sourced from the UCC website.
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