The end of a school year brings about the beginning of a new student government. Students will be able to vote on ASUCC constitutional amendments May 16 to May 18 through Canvas or in the voting booth near the library.
Over 20 constitutional amendments are being proposed by the ASUCC Board (consisting of ASUCC officers, senators, and club and program representatives). In order for the proposed amendment to  ratify, each proposal must gain two-thirds of the student body vote.

Summary of Changes:

Note: The first amendment number below refers to the current constitutional amendment while the second number is the proposed amendment change.

  • Article IV/Article II Amendment: Adding religion, gender identity, veteran status, political affiliation to ASUCC’s non-discrimination statement. The amendment “also prohibits retaliation against an individual for engaging in activity protected under this policy, and interfering with rights or privileges granted under anti-discrimination laws.”
  • Article X/Article VI Amendment: The ASUCC executive council has some name changes: Executive Vice President is now the Vice President while the Vice President of Student Activities is now the Activities Officer and the Secretary/Business Manager is now the Business Manager. The President and Public Relations officer positions on the executive council remain as is without name changes.
  • Article VI/Article XI: The academic standing for ASUCC officer, ASSUCC senator and ASUCC club representative positions will be referred to as academic standing for ASUCC Executive Council and will include a penalty that “failure to meet all of the mentioned academic requirements shall automatically and immediately place that Officer on probation as defined in the Bylaws,” and that “if an ASUCC Executive Council Officer does not meet academic requirements in the term following probation, the continuance of their position shall be determined by the ASUCC Leadership Review Committee.”
  • Article XVI/Article XI: A recall of an officer will now require 300 signatures of students rather than a vote of 10 percent of the student body.
  • Article X/Article XI: Constitutional wording was added to authorize ASUCC Executive Council to vote on “business concerning the ASUCC Leadership Team including use of funds from the Operations Account.” They have accessed the fund previously for travel and office equipment; the constitution clarifies the account use. This also requires quorum for voting.
  • Article XVIII/Article XII: The article indicates that bylaws should originate by proposal during a Leadership Board meeting or from the ASUCC Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee
  • Article XII and X/Article VI and VIII: This is a name change of Student Leadership Team to ASUCC Leadership Board with the requirement to use Robert’s Rules of Order
  • New Article VIII: The new article identifies the weekly leadership meeting purpose as planning upcoming events and discussion of ASUCC. Voting will now occur during ASUCC Leadership Board meetings. The board includes officers on executive council, senators and club representatives.
  • Article V/Article V: Reiterates that ASUCC officers and senators are “to be selected by the Associated Students in an election, or appointed” according to the constitution.
  • New Article VIII: ASUCC Leadership Team can now select senators (in the past, students collected signatures and then met with the ASUCC Executive Council  who made the hiring decisions).
  • New Article VIII, Section 1: Appointing of senators will be done by the ASUCC Leadership Team (ASUCC officers and senators).
  • New Article VIII, Section 3: ASUCC senators can be dismissed for “failure to maintain the responsibilities, duties and/or minimum qualifications of his/her position” and “failure to follow the policies and procedures outlined in any of the ASUCC documents and applicable UCC documents” as well as “abuse of power of office” or “if found by the UCC Vice President of Student Services to have committed a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.”
  • Article IX/Article XI: This requires that vacancies on the Executive Council “shall first be opened up to the ASUCC Leadership Team.” If that fails, then the vacancy can be opened for appointment. If that also fails, then the “vacated position shall be opened up to the entire ASUCC for any qualified applicants,” and “all final decisions on ASUCC Executive Officer appointments shall be decided by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the ASUCC Executive Council.”
  • Article XI/Article XI: This reiterates Executive Council’s power to appoint an Executive Officer or senator “at their discretion,” and authority to evaluate any Leadership Board member for failure “to maintain the responsibilities, duties and/or minimum qualifications.”
  • Article XVIII/Article XII: This article gives the ASUCC Leadership Board instead of the ASUCC Student Leadership Team the right to change bylaws.
  • Article X: Article X creates a standing budget committee which includes the ASUCC business manager, chair, non-voting member and three additional students as well as “voting members as appointed by the ASUCC Business Manager and the ASUCC Advisor, or advisory member, non-voting member.”
  • Article XIV/Article X: This clarifies the business manager responsibilities and opens up the ASUCC Constitution and Bylaw Review Committee, the Budget Committee and the Activities Committee to each include three students who are each enrolled for a minimum of three credits.

Several other articles update the constitution for consistency in names and move some information from articles into bylaws.

Disclaimer: See ASUCC Student Leadership Team for full explanations of the changes.