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Vyla Grindberg has been preparing ASUCC’s food boxes for the campus pantry

ASUCC student leadership projects reaching students in need

The ASUCC Student Leadership Team is managing several projects to help students in need of resources.

Vyla Grindberg, business manager for ASUCC, has been preparing food boxes as a part of the campus’s food pantry called Project C.A.N.S. Fall term, ASUCC filled 69 food box orders and gave 179 gas voucher cards to students. “This is part of my responsibilities as business manager, but I’ve always wanted to help serve others in the public whether it’s in the community or on campus,” Grindberg said. “It feels good to help others.”

Project C.A.N.S. was started to help students in need of extra assistance with food. On campus, the pantry is filled periodically through purchases from Sherm’s and Costco and donations. Any student can qualify for Project C.A.N.S. Students interested in services can head to the Laverne Murphy Student Center and fill out an application. Students can also get the application online under Applications for Student Services on the UCC website.

ASUCC’s “Grab and Go Station” in the Student Center has been extremely successful providing students free coffee, tea, ramen noodles, oatmeal and granola bars. Students frequent the station periodically throughout the day. Grindberg also fills up this area throughout the day.

Students interested in the Emergency Gas Voucher Project may apply at the beginning of the term to qualify for a gas voucher of $15. Students may only receive one per term and a maximum of four per academic year.

The Hygiene Program provides free public health supplies including dental hygiene items, menstrual products, deodorant, razors, hair brushes and more. Any UCC college student qualifies.

The Hawks Nest Program provides gently used clothing to UCC students in need who can receive up to ten items per term.

The Backpack Program provides one backpack filled with class supplies. Any student qualifies.

 ASUCC also donates to the Textbook Reserve program that provides textbooks at the UCC Library Circulation desk on reserve for students who are in need of them for classes. These textbooks are for in-library use only and available to enrolled students. Currently three ASUCC student senator positions are open. For further information about ASUCC student resources, positions or volunteerism, go to the Student Center and ask the information desk, peer mentors or any ASUCC member for assistance.

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