The future of forestry education: hands-on experience available from Fire Science and Natural Resources programs at UCC This fall, Umpqua Community College’s Natural Resources program has expanded, adding three new tracks in natural resources: Fish and Wildlife, Forests and Ecosystems, and Conservation Law Enforcement. For Conservation of Law Enforcement, studentsContinue Reading

UCC student’s Hobbies to try during Spring Break The Mainstream asked UCC students about their favorite hobbies to inspire readers over spring break. Rock hounding, argot for rock searching, is really popular in Oregon; it’s a sport that Valen Rodriguez enjoys. “I have a book I got for my firstContinue Reading

Local Restaurants working through Pandemic challenges Some local restaurants have been struggling more than others trying to work around the COVID-19 rules and regulations in order to stay open and keep their businesses running. Old Soul Pizza Ray Bartram with  Old Soul Pizza in downtown Roseburg says that they have beenContinue Reading

Student Athletes: a look at their everyday life during the Pandemic The Pandemic restrictions are taxing. UCC has been following strict COVID-19 guidelines.  Kaevon Burney, a female UCC wrestler, is patiently waiting to hear back from the governor on when athletes can actually start practicing with contact and eventually play.Continue Reading

Odd Home remedies from UCC students and graduates UCC students are finding fun and sometimes frightening ways to head off illness during cold and flu season. For a bit of fun, The Mainstream asked UCC students and graduates how they got through the cold and flu season. These students andContinue Reading

Quarantine: is there a correct way? To slow SARS-CoV-2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Douglas County Public Health Department are highly recommending that people exposed to COVID-19 quarantine to reduce the risk of getting infected or infecting others. What, how and when do people quarantine andContinue Reading

Easy Thanksgiving dessert recipes from local cooks Holiday cooks get stuck in traditional Thanksgiving recipes, but with so many different recipes available maybe this year is the time to switch up the food routine.  Below are three examples of fast and easy desserts that can be eaten during Thanksgiving from aContinue Reading