Expanding awareness of Domestic Violence Sometimes, dating can be dangerous. When a 2020 UCC graduate, who requested to remain anonymous, started her first dating relationship, she says she had no real relationship skills and minimal dating experiences to know what is normal in a partnership. We’ll call her Jenny. AContinue Reading

The Hope Clinic: A Place to Start if you are Pregnant For young women who are pregnant, but cannot afford a medical professional, the Hope Clinic is the perfect place to start for free services and educates women on what to do next. The clinic’s mission statement is “to provideContinue Reading

Christmas Craft Fair

Santa isn’t coming to this year’s Christmas Craft Fair In spite of pandemic scares, the popular Douglas County Christmas Craft Fair at the fairgrounds is happening December 4 through 6, but on a much smaller scale with a lot of restrictions, fewer booths and more inconvenience. “The fairground staff thoughtContinue Reading