Chronic pain, daily pain that lasts over three months, is a reality for many Americans. According to the CDC, “Chronic pain is the most common reason adults seek medical care and is associated with decreased quality of life, opioid dependence, and poor mental health.” A 2019 National Health Institute SurveyContinue Reading

Free pizza at a college has been a tried and true method of gathering students in one location on campus, but students who answered the invitation to question candidates for UCC’s next vice president of student services were more interested in being heard than eating. The search for VPSS particularlyContinue Reading

Often quiet with a small smile at the ready, AAOT student Tayla Griffin regularly attends her Zoom classes with the camera on, eyes focused on the instructor, her own office in the background. Math professor Mary Stinnett praises Griffin as a model remote student. “Tayla ensures her camera is on,Continue Reading

Education is an investment widely considered to be safer than any purchase of a car or home, yet this reliable investment is still difficult for the average student to make on their own. According to the Education Data Initiative at, 42 million people in the U.S. have over $30,000 inContinue Reading

Lockwood Hall, the industrial arts building, recently celebrated to show off their new makeover in an open house that revealed the long overdue upgrade to the welding, automotive and now apprenticeship programs.    In the late afternoon of Nov. 1, an enthused collection of students, proud UCC staff and the interested public came to the Lockwood open house to see the vast array of changes which the studentsContinue Reading