Bart Copeland retiring at age 85 spent everyday living the postman’s oath “Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Dark Of Night Shall Stay These Couriers From The Swift Completion Of Their Appointed Rounds.” Bart will forever be known as a celebrity on UCC campus.

Bart has been working hard ever since he was a little kid. He said “My folks taught me how to work hard.” His father owned a ranch and a feeding store. He told how he remembered mowing the lawn, milking cows, and feeding the animals on the ranch. When he got older, he began working at the movie theater selling tickets and popcorn in Oakland.

The next journey in his life, he entered into the service. He had a 6 year obligation. He was in active duty for 2 years. Once he came back to Oregon, he bought Junction City movie theater.

After many other adventures in the work field, Bart got a job at Mercy Medical Center as a print tech in 1980. He worked there for 12 years when he got laid off because of the switch from paper to computer documenting. This was the moment Bart found his final job at UCC.

In 1992, Bart began working at UCC as the postman. He had a constant circulation around town and made many relationships with the community through this. He would start his day by picking up mail from the post office. He would bring all of it back to campus to sort through and deliver them. He would then pick up mail on campus and deliver that mail. “I delivered standard mail. All different sizes, big and small” Bart said. Andrea Botwinick, Bart’s Daughter said how he told her that he “Mailed art from the art department.”

Now after 27 years of service, Bart has retired. His retirement party had an attendance of over 50 people. Kim Todd, Small business development center employee said “I’ve gone to a lot of retirements and Bart’s speaks volumes”.

Aaron Larsen, UCC staff and Bart’s friend said “We need more Bart’s in the world.”

The best memory of Bart that was shared at the retirement party was when Bart came and told everyone he kicked Richard in the butt. Richard would always bring mud into the warehouse and leave it for others to pick up. One day, Richard made Bart’s section of the warehouse dirty. Bart responded “Richard you get down there and clean that stuff up” And give him a swift kick in the behind. “Not the mild mannered man we all know here” Botwinick said.

Bart said that “I’ve enjoyed being here. I’ll miss all the people” Following Bart’s retirement, he will be volunteering at the local museum and reading a lot.