Headline: Student participation in college planning less than needed, something UCC‘s College Council hopes to change

Few students know what UCC’s College Council is, let alone how to access it.  But they should because the council helps the study body know about coming issues, such as possible tuition and fee raises.

For students to understand College Council they must know its main purpose for existing. College Council is  “a primary recommending body reporting to the president regarding governance, policy, and inter campus relations. A key role for the council is to determine the best manner of communication for policy changes,” according to Vincent Yip, a College Council representative. This definition is also on the UCC website.

While students often complain about not having a voice, communication does work. Last year, student feedback on a projected $100 per credit increase on lab fees led to a reduction of the fees by 50 percent.

Currently, two students from student government are assigned to represent the student body on the council. They receive information and then report it later to ASUCC. That information is not reported out to the study body, however. With only two students required to be involved within the college council. Only two college students’ voices and perspective. “Our goal is to have 100 percent of students’ voices being heard and considered,” Yip said.  “The College Council wants UCC students to discuss, participate and provide recommendations, in students’ points of view, on any new changes to college policies and procedures.” One way for students to do this is attending the weekly college council meetings that address college-wide issues.

“College Council meets weekly for one hour during fall, winter, and spring academic terms with the exception of no meetings during finals week. The meeting day and time will be determined prior to the start of each academic term. For this school year, we meet every Tuesday between 2 pm and 3 pm at HNSC 100,” Yip said. Yip also says students can even provide the council with topics they would like to have discussed within the meetings. However, these topics must be submitted a week prior to the meetings to members of the council, such as Yip or Dee Winn in the math department.

Other activities around the college that can help students get more involved are attending ASUCC meetings, campus forums, and campus-wide feedback opportunities. The ASUCC Leadership Board has meetings every Thursday at 1pm in the Student Center Bistro located in the back left of the Cafeteria.

This summer, the college also held a survey asking people around the community from all ages improvements they want to see in the college. However, of a community of 22,400 plus residents, only 92 responded. The survey was able to collect some information about where people felt UCC could improve, but the survey showed a lack of involvement between students and campus. In 2017-2018, full time and part time students of UCC were calculated to be 2,209 students. Yet, only 4 percent participated in the summer survey.

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College Council Meeting Dates Winter Term

Most Tuesdays*: Jan 8th

The meeting day may change winter term.