What defines a perfect study environment? A quiet and cool silent isolation box, or sitting amongst a sea of white noise and chaos? Whatever the preferred style of studying is, campus has the place for it.

Students seem to enjoy the study environments built into UCC’s newest building. “I like to study right outside the TAP building on the patio! It is usually pretty secluded and has a really nice view of the fountain” first year UCC student, Sierra Krussow, Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer said.

If a loud, bustling style sounds more appealing, the Laverne Murphy Student Center has plenty of open seating. Located next to the cafeteria and ASUCC Offices, there’s always something going on.

A tried and true reliable place to study is the Sue Shaffer Learning Commons and Library with its diverse studying environments. Group study rooms are available and can be helpful when needing to work on a group project. Another helpful studying resource to be found in the library are the open computers, and access to free printing.

Struggling with a certain subject? The library also provides tutors who are available to help students in various subjects to the best of their ability. The study center is a good option for those needing a temperature controlled environment, research project help, and group work. It is important to note, however, that the library can get a little loud.

For students looking to get away from campus, or at least feel like decompressing from the busy student life, the Kenneth Knectel Park is a great spot. It’s a bit of a walk, but ends up down by the Umpqua River, where students can find a simple stone table and benches to finish up their school work. It is a quiet environment, and it’s becoming a bit chilly so bring a jacket. The walkway to this park area is located right outside the Athletic Complex & Tom Keel Fitness Center.

Students who need to work on online classes, or need access to free computer services, there are plenty of open computer labs on campus. The schedule for open computer labs 2018 can be found on the college’s website at https://www.umpqua.edu/ucc-open-labs.

The Bonnie J Ford Health Nursing & Science Center has comfortable seating on the upper level, and a large whiteboard for those who need to flesh out their ideas. For those feeling lucky, occasionally the conference rooms will be empty, and they offer a comfortable spot which resembles a formal setting. The conference rooms can also suffice as a good platform for practicing interviews, or class presentations. Yes, students are allowed to use the conference rooms.

Taphòytha’ Hall is UCC’s newest building. This building has several student friendly features.

“Out of all the buildings on campus, the TAP building has the most comfortable furniture, clean bathrooms and student study rooms which encourages students to get the job done” second year student, Jessica Young,  Associates of Arts, Oregon Transfer, said.

Didn’t see your favorite study spot here? Share your best study spots on campus by sending an email to uccmainstream@yahoo.com, and we’ll add your advice to our online article.