This week on campus I surveyed a small number of students about games they would be playing non-stop or binge playing this summer.

In this survey I focused on video games primarily but included answers given about other types of games.

Some of these games many not appeal to everyone, but others may offer interesting options, and some may bring a sense of nostaliga  or fond memories.

Players of all types and ages who were surveyed had video or board games they wanted to revisit, beat, or simply get into again.

D&D or Dungeon and Dragons was one of the most cited games, and during my survey some students expressed a desire for a D&D club or at the least wondered why there wasn’t one.

Dungeons and Dragons is a board game; however, online and computer game interpretations are available and more information on the game can be found at, the official website for the game. William Roland is one UCC student with an interest in D&D.

Another game Mackenzie Callahan wants to play more of this summer is League of Legends. Callahan runs the campus LoL club.

Sarah Jauorski likes a horror game titled “Seven Days to Die.” It’s a survival, horror game with an open sandbox.

Byronna Thomas likes two retro games. These are old arcade games. Thomas stated that she didn’t play games often, but the ones she remembers are from the Atari 2600 program export of Centipede and Millipede.

Here are other favorites UCC students plan on playing: Fallout 3, Warframe, Ark Survival Evolved, , Magic the Gathering, Cookie Jam, Flow Free, Call of Duty, Dark Souls III, Battlefield I, GTA 5, Rainbow Six Siege, Skyrim, and Halo 4.
Top genres for summer play

 with a sample game:


RPG or Role Playing


ElderScrolls series

Action Shooter Games

Call of Duty series

Puzzle or Logic Games

Portal series

Card Games

Cards Against Humanity

Board Games

Settelers of  Catan

MMO Games

World Of Warcraft

Mobile Games

Candy Crush series

Survival Games

Rust the video game

Horror Games

Amnesia series