The UCC main campus received more snow since its construction in 1964 on February 24. The massive influx of snow caused widespread blackouts throughout Douglas County and a massive amount of fallen trees in the area, including an oak which penetrated the bookstore roof. The bookstore was the only campus building damaged due to tree fall.

Originally built in 1970, the bookstore was closed for over a week, even after the rest of the campus reopened. Eight holes could be seen after the branches were removed, and debris such as fungus and mistletoe from the tree was found in the rafters. The holes led to water seeping in and caused extensive water damage to the interior ceiling, leaving it stained with several tiles being separated.

Water that seeped into the bookstore damaged the cash registers and destroyed the credit card machine. The lack of power caused all the dairy products in the store to go bad. They had to be thrown out.

Repairs started almost immediately when Jess Miller, director of facilities and security, noticed the fallen tree atop the bookstore. Steve Songer Construction, located in Roseburg, along with campus security and maintenance teams set about drying the roof to stop the water leakage.

According to Jess Miller, the roof will need to be removed and replaced. The debris needs to be removed, the rafters need to be repaired, and then the sheeting needs to be laid back down. Miller said the job will continue on into spring. Miller approximated that the overall cost will be $60,000 to $70,000. Fortunately, Miller explained that the Special District Association of Oregon can help cover the damages in one large insurance claim.

“Expect significant changes to the bookstore,” said Miller. The renovations and repairs to the building will coincide with the addition of the Rogue Credit Community Union area. A small bank and teller will be replacing the area where the frozen foods are kept. Students will be able to access their checking and savings accounts as well as starting a loan.