Best, biggest, burrito … all good descriptive words beginning with B, but college students especially must consider the biggest b word of them all: budget.

An emerging trend among college students is finding food that’s fast, healthful, not highly-processed, and more environmentally friendly. Students are straying away from alcohol and fast food franchises towards local, healthier options (Meadows, 2003).

Burritos can be an effective way to feed the savage college student, and below is a list of the best (and local) spots in town for the next time students are looking for a burrito pick-me-up.

Tino’s Tacos – Roseburg (Great family meals for the price)

Carlos – Winston (A reasonably priced, sit down restaurant, featuring really good wet burritos)

Romulo’s Mexican Grill – Sutherlin (Oregon burrito)

Burrito Vaquero – Roseburg (Home-made tortillas, friendly workers)

Romulitos – Roseburg (Fresh Horchata, Best Carne Asada)

Muchas Gracias – Winston (Biggest breakfast burrito in town, Carne Asada Fries)

Si Casa Flores – Sutherlin & Roseburg (Lobster Quesadilla)

All of these local places have pick-up and carry out options for busy students on the go.

“Burrito Vaquero is my favorite burrito place because they actually care about their food,” said Shyla Yu, second year AAOT student.

Nothing relieves school-related stress as a hot, nutrient packed burrito on a cold rainy day.

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