This is part 2 of the Campus Resources 101 article. See issue 43.2 at which explains services in the student center.

Reading, researching and remembering are common threads to students of many fields, and help in these areas is available where a lot of student research information is found; in the campus library.


Sue Shaffer Learning Commons & Library

Some alterations and improvements that Director Carol McGeehon would be happy to share with you include the following:

  • 87 databases can all now be searched at once when students type their keywords into the library web page search bar
  • EBooks are increasingly available as well as printed work.
  • Reserve textbooks are available for in-library use
  • 24 new laptops are available for in-library use
  • The New Book section contains books printed within the last 6 months
  • Open computer lab has been expanded

Contact the front desk at 541-440-4640

Reference Librarian Jennifer Lantrip: 541-440-7681

Director Carol McGeehon: 541-440-4638

Open 7:30 – 8pm, Monday through Thursday

7:30 – 5pm on Fridays


Student Success Center

Within the library is the Student Success Center. This is student’s resource for drop-in tutorial help on core subjects (9 tutors currently available), and space for group study with classmates. The library staff encourages students to ask for assistance in other fields also, and they will do their best to get connected with someone knowledgeable.

There are some new things to report in this department as well, including the following:

  • 2 free charging stations for your devices
  • 5 free hours of Smart Thinking online instruction
  • Access to other help online, such as Core Skills Mastery

When completed, four new group study rooms will be available with large touchscreen smart TV/monitors and comfortable furniture.

Open 8:00 – 7pm, Monday – Thursday

8:00 – 5pm on Fridays

Both of these departments want to emphasize that student success is their success, and assistance is exactly what they are in place for, so bring questions and your feedback to the UCC Library.

Last, but far from least, fellow students are an excellent resource.

Returning students are often easy to spot and most will happily answer questions or guide someone in the right direction.