The first few days of a new term can even be trying for returning students. New students in particular can feel overwhelmed by all of the handouts, materials and information presented to them. Though we’re encouraged to ask any questions of the faculty, staff  and peers, it is useful to know the best places where we can get answers. What follows is a comprehensive listing of campus resources and their locations. Almost directly behind the Welcome Center (front of campus, with a water fountain) is the LaVerne Murphy Student Center which has a concentration of services to offer.

Trio SSS/Transfer Opportunity Program:

If you plan to attend a university after UCC, the staff in this department can help you organize and plan your courses to ensure a smoother transition to a school of your choosing. The assistance here includes the following:

  • Academic and transfer advising
  • Financial aid advising and scholarship assistance
  • Peer tutoring
  • Textbook loans
  • Academic skills development
  • University campus visits, comprehensive first year experience program, cohort opportunities, cultural activities and social opportunities.


Contact (541) 440-4712, (Links to an external site.)

Accessibility Services

Do you have an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities?

The staff of accessibilities services can help with accommodations.

Leaving the Student Center (and facing the Library), the Educational Skills Building is the next building to your right. Accessibility Services are located in the ESB.

Among the services provided are:

  • Scooters/Scheduled
  • Transportation to/from classes
  • Alternative text/Note takers
  • Testing in private/distraction reduced rooms coaching and support
  • Echo pens & other Adaptive learning equipment
  • Individual learning

Veterans Education Benefits Process

Are you a U.S. veteran? This department will help you in the process of filing for and receiving veteran educational benefits.

After your enrollment and meeting with an advisor to schedule courses (let your advisor know you are receiving veteran benefits), you are encouraged to do the following:

  • Submit your term schedule and bill to the Veteran Education Benefits Office (VEBO)
  • Submit revised term schedule as appropriate
  • Make payment arrangements if needed
  • Submit Member 4 copy of DD-214
  • Check your student email often


In addition, the Educational Skills Building houses a private center for veterans that student/veteran Garry Santos calls “the feather in our cap.”  Some of the amenities include the following:

  • Resting areas
  • New computers, color printers and TVs.
  • Employment Department visits twice monthly
  • Monthly counseling
  • Donated food and goods


Contact UCC Veterans Education Benefits Office, Laverne Murphy Student Center or or


Ford Child Center

Are you a student with childcare needs?

The Ford Childhood Enrichment Center at UCC provides quality childcare to student parents.

It also serves as a learning site for students in UCC’s Early Childhood Education program, where children ages 6 weeks to 5 years are welcome to learn in a safe, nurturing environment on campus.


Contact Ford Childhood Enrichment Center at 541-440-4650

Open 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. weekdays

Peer Mentoring

Not to be confused with tutoring services, UCC’s Peer Mentoring program connects new students with returning students who “have been there.”

These peers likely faced similar concerns and confusion when they were in your shoes, making them qualified as allies and advocates to assist you with the following:

  • Getting organized
  • Setting goals
  • Time management
  • Navigating college
  • Filling out your FAFSA for aid Applying for scholarships
  • Understanding your learning style.

Contact  541-440-7949 or see the Student Center Building or email

Federal Work Study Process

Would you like to gain work experience and earn some money to reduce your loans or supplement your student income? The staff of the Financial Aid office can assist you with that. The benefits of work study include the following:

  • Opp­ortunity to work around your class schedule
  • Convenience of work location
  • Understanding of employers during midterms/finals
  • Opportunity for a future letter of recommendation
  • Opportunity to work in your field of study.

Contact (541) 440-4621 or go to


Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, students must register each term to use the Center with CRN 22040 (or see the schedule).

The cost for current students and community members is $35. Part time and full time staff must also register.

Credit classes are also offered such as the following:

Fitness Center: Basics – for beginners and those not familiar with Fitness Center equipment.

Fitness Center: Aerobic – for students wishing to concentrate on Aerobic based workouts.

Fitness Center: Strength – for students wishing to concentrate on strength training workouts.

Aerobic Fitness – a circuit training course designed to do both aerobic and anaerobic workouts with weights and aerobic machines.

Weight Training – introduction and program for strength training.

All students who sign up for the Fitness Center classes must attend an orientation class available Monday, Wednesday or Friday at noon the first weeks of the term.

Information is taken from

For more information, call  UCC at 541-440-7744.

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Katie McCardell studies dental assistance in the TRiO/TOP Center.
Photo provided by Vladimir Sovyak/ The Mainstream