Ahhh, finally it’s almost time for spring break. Finals will be over soon and, it will be time to sit down, kick your feet up and take a breather. Spring break is great for cleaning, university orientations, and tours, but everyone needs an actual break. So, spend a day or two relaxing, catching up on entertainment that will be coming out soon.

 Marvel Movies:

“Avengers: Endgame” will be coming out in April, so why not catch up on the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe that includes everyone’s favorite Marvel heroes like Thor, Spiderman and Iron Man. Catching up could take up to tow days to finish the entire universe. Not everyone has time to spend a whole two days to watch movies. Catching up on reviews is great too and can be done so on YouTube or even Reddit or by looking the movies up. These movies can be watched on Netflix and others you might have to rent.

“Pet Sematary”:

Stephen King’s: “Pet Sematary” and “Pet Sematary Two” are both great classics, that would be nice to binge-watch before the remake coming out in April. It would be amazing to look to see how close the new “Pet Sematary” stays to the book and how far the films have come since the release of the first two films in this franchise? I wasn’t a fan of the original or the second either, so I hope the remake will impress me.

The “Fast and The Furious” Franchise:

The franchise is continuing with another edition in the new film “Hobbs and Shaw.” This may take a while to finish, taking roughly 15 hours. The franchise has been a very important classic dear to us, especially after losing Paul Walker.

“John Wick” 1 & 2:

This series has gone from 0 to 100 and is a great addition to the action genre. Catch up on the first two films and get ready for the insane new sequel “John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum”, hitting theaters May 17. I am especially excited about this one. I was a huge fan of the first 2 and each time it gets more and more insane.

“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”:

Quentin Tarantino’s newest movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” isn’t a sequel or a franchise, but it would be a great idea to get familiar with the director’s film styles. If you are unfamiliar with his style, it could be quite surprising due to all the violence and the blood. If  you are familiar with his styles, then this is a great way to catch all the ways the films are connected.

“Toy Story 4”:

 Yes, the talking toys will be back in “Toy Story 4”. Catch up on all the movies from when Woody met Buzz and the tear-wrenching moment when Andy went off to college. The new film releases in June.

Disney live-action movies:

In case you were living under a rock, Disney is remaking “Aladdin,” “The Lion King” and “Dumbo” in live action. These anticipated movies are all coming out very soon. “Aladdin” comes out in May, “Lion King” in July and “Dumbo” this month March 29. Catch up on the originals and see how close they’ll come to recreating our favorite childhood films.

“Santa Clarita Diet”:

 This Netflix original has been an absolute favorite of mine with season 3 releasing March 30. Catch up on the hilarious series about a cannibalistic mother and a nervous husband who just wants to have a normal family. I have rewatched the series a couple of times because it is just so darn funny and the acting as well is superb. This is definitely a must.

“Stranger things”:

The newest season of “Stranger Things” is coming out this year on the Fourth of July. Spring break might be just the time to catch up on the show that has taken everyone by storm.

“Game of Thrones”

The last season of “Game of Thrones” air’s on April 14 on HBO and can also be streamed on HULU if you have the HBO extension. I haven’t seen the show, but I am very excited to be watching it in the near future

“Child’s Play”:

I have been a huge fan of the once horrifying doll Chucky until he turned more comedic than usual. I loved his daunting remarks, but now it’s just one stupid line after another which is fine, because I accepted the fact that this was Chucky now. I am still a fan and I am excited for the release of the new remake by the same name “Child’s Play” coming out on June 21. I would catch up on the older movies such as the original “Child’s Play” as well as the second one and third. If you don’t mind the change to his character and you love the funnier and demented side of Chucky check out “The Bride of Chucky,” “The Seed of Chucky,” “The Curse of Chucky” and “The Cult of Chucky.”

I am very excited to see all these movies and catch up on all thse shows. I might need more than a week, but I am very confident that I can eventually get caught up.

I have seen most of the classics that are being remade and that is where I think there will be fault. My only problem is why remake a film that has already had such an impact on an audience? Of course I know the answer to this question, but sometimes things are better left alone. As Stephen King once wrote “Sometimes dead is better.”

I am most enthusiastic and have much confidence for “Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark” because I am a huge horror buff. Email The Mainstream at uccmainstream@yahoo.com and tell us your thoughts. What movie or show will you be catching up on? Is there a show or movie I left out?