UCC will be constructing its first solar array as part of an ongoing energy efficiency overhaul for the campus. According to Jess Miller, director of UCC facilities, the installation will feature 36 kilowatts of installed power but the electrical framework and inverters will be designed to deal with 300 kilowattsContinue Reading


Construction workers may be a common sight on campus for the next several years as new buildings continue to expand the UCC experience. While work continues on the Health, Nursing, and Science Center (HNS) and a new astronomy observatory, staff are looking ahead to the Snyder rebuild, as well asContinue Reading

Spring Break is so close you can smell the finals in the air. The much needed break can’t come soon enough. It’s been a tough year, and a break is needed to recharge ourselves for one more go at it.Continue Reading

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It’s the summer after 8th  grade, I’m at a block party standing right in front of Britany Hanson, the prettiest girl in middle school, I’m in my briefs, and no, it’s not a nightmare.Continue Reading

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You’re preparing for a job interview, date or first day at a new school. You go to your closet and contemplate what to wear. You want to make a good impression, so you choose something stylish and probably in your one of your favorite colors. After all, if you wearContinue Reading

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Spring encourages the desire to break out our colorful clothes; however, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new wardrobe. The clothes that you already love may just need a little spicing up. A pair of scissors and 30 minutes can upcycle drab or old clothes into somethingContinue Reading

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Difficulty Level: Easy Supplies: Sharpie markers: multiple colors Glass: look for glass in packaging which says microwave or oven safe; glass in a picture frame, plates, bowls, mugs and stemware usually work Desired design Rubbing alcohol or white vinegar Rag or paper towel Oven Clean baking sheet Gloves I haveContinue Reading

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Students and community members will have several opportunities to observe and participate (if they so choose) in the theater and fine arts up-coming events. From stress releases to social issues, there is something for everyone.Continue Reading

Student activist sues government over climate change impact UCC student Jacob Lebel and a group known as Our Children’s Trust are attacking climate change by suing those who have the power to make a difference, but as of now have not.Continue Reading

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To honor the known 25 Purple Heart medal recipients attending UCC, student Gary Santos led the charge to get free designated parking spots reserved with colorful signs for these veterans.Continue Reading

QSA Club plans Coming Out day Queer Students Advocacy Club, formerly known as the Gay Straight Alliance, will be hosting a Coming Out Day on Feb. 29 in the cafeteria area. The event will incorporate information on  gay, lesbian, cisgender and pansexual as well as other ways of identifying.Continue Reading