Student support and engagement activities kick off for Spring term Finding activities and social community can be difficult under pandemic restrictions. UCC clubs and organizations, while quiet, are still open for student participation.  Several clubs opted to take a break during the lockdowns, but organizations like the UCC student body government ASUCC,Continue Reading

New Babies and Hibernation at Wildlife Safari As spring is approaching in the Wildlife Safari world, that means more babies and animals to see and fawn over. As the days continue to get brighter with sunshine, that also means hibernation for most of the animals is concluding. Bears will soonContinue Reading

UCC student’s Hobbies to try during Spring Break The Mainstream asked UCC students about their favorite hobbies to inspire readers over spring break. Rock hounding, argot for rock searching, is really popular in Oregon; it’s a sport that Valen Rodriguez enjoys. “I have a book I got for my firstContinue Reading

TEDx Roseburg Ripples through community TEDx Roseburg, a community speech event, is set for April 10 with the theme of Ripples, playing off last year’s theme of More than Words. The speeches will share innovative and inspiring ideas that can ripple through the local community. Thirteen speakers will present freshContinue Reading

UACT to announce winners of playwriting contest The pandemic pushed the limits of the local theater to a near breaking point. However, Umpqua Actors Community Theatre (UACT) evolved and continues to overcome the obstacles that present themselves.  The community theater strives to persevere during its hardest times. “It’s a desireContinue Reading

Halloween is not canceled because of community trick-or-treat drive-thru NOTE: An error with the original version portrayed U.S. Cellular as the company hosting the event; U.S. Cellular is the title sponsor. The News Review and Brooke Communications are hosting the event. The original version was also misleading, giving the impressionContinue Reading

Christmas Craft Fair

Santa isn’t coming to this year’s Christmas Craft Fair In spite of pandemic scares, the popular Douglas County Christmas Craft Fair at the fairgrounds is happening December 4 through 6, but on a much smaller scale with a lot of restrictions, fewer booths and more inconvenience. “The fairground staff thoughtContinue Reading

Guest Opinion Women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Media are notorious about sending out messages to the masses intended to avoid representing women and people of color and lack of representation is having negative impacts.  Marginalized groups, namely women and communities of color, are greatly impacted in waysContinue Reading

Throw out the take-out: Learning how to make a good meal Good food means happiness, family, comfort and warmth. Especially if cheese is involved.  But without knowing how to plan meals or shop effectively and affordably, you just get hungry.  For those on a budget, like many students, learning howContinue Reading