Stalking and human trafficking can be frightening topics, with many people believing it happens elsewhere, not here in Douglas County.  Often images of white predator vans and strangers lurking in the bushes ready to pounce come to mind, but the reality is that stalking and trafficking are most often perpetratedContinue Reading

Esports, eSports, and E-sports; no matter how you spell it, the term generally refers to competitions held over popular video games. The name, short for “electronic sports,” originated in the 1950s and the gaming sport has grown considerably since the 90’s with the rise of console gaming and high-speed internet.Continue Reading

Eating a deliciously excessive large meal with friends and family is a Thanksgiving imperative for most. Unfortunately, with the economic challenges many students face, having the funds for the plethora of Thanksgiving staples, such as a family-sized turkey with fixings, or buttery mashed potatoes and sparkling cider can be justContinue Reading

Lockwood Hall, the industrial arts building, recently celebrated to show off their new makeover in an open house that revealed the long overdue upgrade to the welding, automotive and now apprenticeship programs.    In the late afternoon of Nov. 1, an enthused collection of students, proud UCC staff and the interested public came to the Lockwood open house to see the vast array of changes which the studentsContinue Reading

With COVID-19 restrictions the last few years, music and theater programs have been especially challenged as directors struggle to coordinate shows and find places groups can perform. Some schools and places are still not allowing performances at their location.   In spite of the challenges, UCC music director Jason Heald says that in-person shows are vital: â€śIt’s therapeutic socially to be making music again.”   To enable in-person shows, Heald explained that all of the UCCContinue Reading

The 5th annual Legacy Ball is back as a virtual event after last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19. This year, the event will be hosted as an online event and silent auction. The Winter Wonderland Legacy Ball begins with an online pre-show at 5:30 p.m. for those who purchased tickets available at the link. AContinue Reading

UCC is hiring for many positions from student jobs, to faculty and part-time instructors, to custodians and campus security, to administration and other full-time staff.  Lisa Cram, payroll assistant and human resource staff member, is responsible for doing much of the advertising on recruitment sites. UCC has selection committees for eachContinue Reading